After Tonight’s Debate, Do Illinois Republicans Stand By Far-Right Extremist Darren Bailey?




Yael Sheinfeld
[email protected]

GOP candidate Darren Bailey’s performance at tonight’s gubernatorial debate proved just how unift he is to serve in Illinois’ highest office. He failed to offer substantive plans for the issues he’s so quick to identify — and the few solutions he did put forward were extreme and wholly out-of-touch with Illinoisans across the state.

As the GOP gubernatorial nominee, Bailey’s heading up the Republican ticket. After tonight’s debate, will Illinois Republicans support him in November?

Bailey has earned a reputation with his ultra-MAGA, extremist rhetoric and wildly offensive, out-of-touch views. From posting insensitive and inappropriate sentiments about members of the LGBTQ+ and Muslim communities to encouraging mass shooting victims to “move on and celebrate” 90 minutes after a massacre to comparing abortion to the Holocaust, it’s clear that Darren Bailey has no interest in bringing Illinosians together.

With the November election just four weeks away, voters deserve to know where Illinois Republicans like Kathy Salvi, Dan Brady, Tom Demmer, Keith Pekau, Catalina Lauf, Regan Deering, and Scott Gryder stand on Bailey’s far-right extremism and out-of-touch views. Will they support Darren Bailey in November?


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