The Democratic Party of Illinois is dedicated to electing Democrats at all levels across Illinois while building the most active, inclusive, and diverse party possible.

Democrats are fighting for working families in Springfield, Washington, and all across our state. We are dedicated to growing good-paying jobs, investing in our communities, delivering high-quality education for all, protecting our environment, safeguarding democracy, expanding access to affordable healthcare, enhancing public safety, defending reproductive choice, and more. 

An Illinois that
works for everyone

We are the party of inclusion and we serve everyone in our communities with the understanding that we have a responsibility to combat injustice and inequity wherever it remains in our society today. 

The Democratic Party of Illinois provides party services to Democratic nominees while acting as the standard bearer of the Democratic message. We provide support to local Democratic organizations and candidates as needed while serving as an interface with the national Democratic Party. We provide campaign infrastructure for all Democratic nominees in Illinois while bringing Democrats together to fight for the things we believe in. We are transparent in our processes and procedures, upholding high ethical standards entrusted to us by the Democratic voters of Illinois.

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