As Top Republican Candidates Travel to Mar-A-Lago, ILGOP Still in the Palm of Trump’s Hands




Tonight, national Republican leader Donald Trump is holding a fundraiser for Illinois Republican Congresswoman and noted Hitler-quoter Mary Miller. Trump, who continues to promote the Big Lie, compliment Vladimir Putin, and downplay the Jan. 6 insurrection, is clearly still the Republican kingmaker both nationally and here in Illinois. Miller is joined by Darren Bailey, a far-right extremist who’s desperate for Trump’s attention, as Illinois Republican candidates up and down the ticket put their loyalty to Trump at the center of their campaigns.

“The Illinois GOP, just like the national Republican Party, is clearly still in the palm of Donald Trump’s hands,” said Jake Lewis, Deputy Director of the Democratic Party of Illinois. “As two top Republican candidates make the trip to Mar-A-Lago to demonstrate their allegiances to Trump, the Illinois Republican Party continues to move further to the right, denying the truth of the insurrection, promising to ban abortion in Illinois, and stoking culture war clashes instead of addressing the kitchen table issues facing our state. While Illinois Republicans continue to submit to Trump, Democrats are focused on the issues that matter: passing balanced budgets, upgrading our credit and saving taxpayer money, and fighting to lower costs for working families.”


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