Democratic Party of Illinois Announces Illinois Will Apply to Be Among the First Five States to Hold its Presidential Primary Election in 2024




Today, the Democratic Party of Illinois formally indicated it intends to submit an application to the Democratic National Committee for Illinois to be selected as a “pre-window” state for the 2024 presidential nominating process, meaning it would be one of the first five states to hold its primary election. Click HERE to see the letter of intent sent to the DNC by the Democratic Party of Illinois today. 

“There is no better state in the country for Democratic presidential candidates to make the case to voters than Illinois,” said Democratic Party of Illinois Chair Rep. Robin Kelly. “Illinois looks like America, with ethnic, geographic, racial, economic and ideological diversity that is core to our party’s success. Illinois has also led the way for Democrats in passing progressive policies, including promoting green energy, supporting workers’ rights, raising the minimum wage, protecting reproductive health, expanding access to the ballot box, and more. 

“I’m thrilled to enter this process with support from Governor Pritzker, President Harmon, and Speaker Welch,” said Chair Kelly. “We all know how special Illinois is, what it takes to win here, and that an early primary will have a positive impact on Democrats both in Illinois and nationally. The DPI will continue to work with stakeholders across the state in developing our application to the DNC, and we look forward to engaging with national leaders to make the case for inclusion as a pre-window state.”

“In more ways than one, Illinois perfectly encapsulates the shared values of the Democratic party,” said Governor JB Pritzker. “Our state has led the Midwest and the nation in protecting a woman’s right to choose, raising the minimum wage, fighting climate change, expanding access to affordable health care, and protecting voting rights. Our strength is in our diversity. Whether measured by race, age, income, industry, or education—Illinois looks like America. We are uniquely suited to take on the challenge of hosting an early primary and look forward to working together to show everyone all that our great state has to offer.”

“No state in the nation reflects America’s greatness quite like Illinois,” said Illinois Senate President Don Harmon. “Our diversity, values, and our determination make us well-suited to lead Democrats across the country—just as we did when Barack Obama sought the mantle of national leadership. In these turbulent political times, Democrats must put our best candidates forward and Illinois is the best proving ground of any of the United States.”

“No state better reflects the diversity of our nation than Illinois,” said Illinois House of Representatives Speaker Emanuel “Chris” Welch. “People of all races and backgrounds call Illinois home. We live in great cities, growing suburbs, and tight-knit rural communities. In Illinois, we stand up for working families, we fight for affordable health care, and we protect reproductive rights. Because Illinois looks like America, we know that the strong Democratic leaders we help select will be prepared to build that better future we all want for our country.” 

Per the DNC’s pre-window application process, the Democratic Party of Illinois sent a letter of intent to the DNC today, with a formal application to follow in June. The DNC is expected to decide on the five pre-window states in early August.


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