Democratic Party of Illinois Unanimously Endorses Workers’ Rights Amendment




Last night, the State Central Committee of the Democratic Party of Illinois voted unanimously to endorse the Workers Rights Amendment ballot initiative, which will appear before voters this November. The Workers’ Rights Amendment will protect Illinois workers’ pathway to the middle class, ensuring that working people have access to stable family-sustaining jobs as well as safe and secure workplaces.

“The Democratic Party is the party of working people and we are proud to join labor and worker advocates in supporting the Workers’ Rights Amendment,” said Democratic Party of Illinois Chair Rep. Robin Kelly. “This amendment means enshrining worker protections into the Illinois Constitution, protecting workers from potential attacks on their livelihoods by anti-worker Republican legislators who have driven down wages, benefits, and workplace protections in other states. Passing the Workers’ Rights Amendment is a top priority for the Democratic Party of Illinois this November.”

“The Workers Rights Amendment means stronger protections for working people at a time when they need it most,” said Illinois AFL-CIO President and Vote Yes for Workers Rights Co-Chair Tim Drea. “All workers will benefit from these protections, ensuring that Illinois will never join the race to the bottom on wages and workplace safety protections. We applaud the Democratic Party of Illinois for joining us in this important fight, and we look forward to communicating with all voters about the importance of voting yes on the Workers Rights Amendment this fall.”

“As the pandemic has impacted working people, we need to make sure workers have the pay, resources, benefits, and protections they deserve,” said Chicago Federation of Labor President and Vote Yes for Workers Rights Co-Chair Bob Reiter. “The Workers’ Rights Amendment is a significant step toward ensuring Illinois workers will always have the freedom to join together to fight for better pay, safety at work, and access to the training they need. The labor movement welcomes the support of the Democratic Party of Illinois, and together we will pass this amendment in November.”

The Workers’ Rights Amendment would prevent Illinois from ever passing a state law or local ordinance “that interferes with, negates, or diminishes the right of employees to organize and bargain collectively over their wages, hours, and other terms and conditions of employment and workplace safety.” This amendment would ensure that workers across the state have the freedom to collectively bargain so their voices are more powerful.

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Click here to see the resolution to support the amendment passed by the DPI State Central Committee. The resolution was introduced by DPI Committeeman Mike Cudzik (8th District).

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