DPI Chair Lisa Hernandez’ Statement on New Revelations Detailing IL GOP Collaboration with Disinformation Network

Top IL Republican campaigns used secret website to submit unedited “news stories” and “shape coverage” through Dan Proft’s LGIS Network




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Chicago, IL – Today, the Washington Post released a bombshell story detailing the level of access and cooperation between Illinois Republicans’ campaigns and far-right propaganda network, Local Government Information Services (LGIS). 

Democratic Party of Illinois (DPI) Chair Lisa Hernandez issued the following response:

“I am appalled by the revelations in today’s Washington Post story on Dan Proft and Brian Timpone’s concerted efforts to mislead voters. This goes far beyond news with a partisan tilt; this was a deliberate distribution of disinformation that came straight from Republican candidates and their campaigns. It is imperative that all of our public officials condemn these actions in the strongest possible terms to avoid setting an unacceptable precedent that permanently shatters the line between news and propaganda, especially as Timpone attempts to expand his deceitful operation in 2024. The dangerous attempts to deceive voters pose a threat to our very democracy; degrading trust in our elections, media, and elected officials. Illinois voters deserve better, and Darren Bailey and all of the Illinois Republicans who engaged with LGIS owe them an apology,” said DPI Chair Lisa Hernandez.

Throughout the 2022 election cycle, Illinois voters were inundated with right-wing, pink-slime papers disguised to look like local news. DPI sent mailers to voters informing them of the deception, and ultimately Illinoisans rejected the hateful rhetoric and dangerous lies that Proft and his allies spread.


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