DPI: Gender-Affirming Care is Health Care

During Pride and every month, Illinois Democrats support access to gender-affirming care.




Gwen Pepin
[email protected]

Chicago, IL — As Pride Month comes to a close and Illinoisans enjoy Chicago’s annual Pride Parade, the Democratic Party of Illinois proudly reaffirms its commitment to supporting gender-affirming care for all Illinoisans.

“In Illinois, we believe everyone should be able receive the necessary health care they need without facing obstacles or discrimination. From our Governor’s advocacy, to champions in our state legislature, to a slew of grassroot organizations, Illinois’ work to expand gender-affirming care allows the well-being of all Illinoisans to be prioritized. We are proud of the work our state has accomplished and won’t stop advocating for and protecting the LGBTQ+ community, during Pride Month and year-round,” said DPI Chair Lisa Hernandez.

While GOP-lead states continue to infringe upon the rights of our LGBTQ+ neighbors, Illinois is actively working to become a safe haven. By connecting directly with LGBTQ+ communities to understand their needs, Illinois Democrats have worked to expand easy-to-access, culturally-sensitive gender-affirming care. Earlier this month, the Illinois Department of Human Services announced its new Transgender and Gender Diverse Wellness and Equity Program, an initiative that supports medical care for non-binary, transgender, and LGBTQ+ people, with an emphasis on Black, Indigenous, and other people of color’s needs.

Last year, Governor JB Pritzker signed a reproductive rights and gender affirming care omnibus bill that expands health care access and options across Illinois, after previously delivering a landmark expansion of Illinois’ Medicaid program to cover gender affirming surgeries.

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