DPI Responds to Illinois GOP Statement on Trump Conviction

As their leader sits with the weight of 34 felonies, the IL GOP conveniently forgets that no one is above the law.




Gwen Pepin
[email protected]

Chicago, IL – The Democratic Party of Illinois released the following statement in response to the Illinois Republican Party’s reaction to the verdict of former President and current felon, Donald Trump:

“The IL GOP, the so-called ‘party of law and order’ is willing to completely discredit America’s judicial system to double down on their demagogue. Donald Trump is not above the law and suggesting that Trump’s charges are political persecution is dangerous rhetoric. The IL GOP is yet again fanning the flames of extremism by condoning the behavior of the person single-handedly responsible for an attempted overthrow of democracy–something that he promises to attempt again,” said DPI Chair Lisa Hernandez.

She continued: “In the meantime, DPI is preparing to turn out voters across the state in support of honest, hard-working down-ballot candidates fighting for workers and working families, for continued economic growth, to protect our freedoms and fight for a better, safer future for all. Illinoisans rejected Trumpism in 2020, again in 2022 in the form of Darren Bailey, and are prepared to do so again in 2024.”


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