First Lieutenant Governor Pick Underscores Trouble for Illinois GOP




First Lieutenant Governor Pick Underscores Trouble for Illinois GOP

The first of several lieutenant governor picks has spelled out what we already know to be true:

The Republican candidates for governor are extreme and out of touch with Illinois

Today, Stephanie Trussell, a right-wing talk show host and Trump loyalist, announced she will run for lieutenant governor alongside gubernatorial candidate Darren Bailey in the divisive Republican primary. Trussell’s bizarre, wildly out of touch views make her a perfect addition to the growing field of radical candidates.

“The first lieutenant governor candidate announcement is in line with what we’d expect from this anti-choice, anti-science field of extremist, far-right candidates,” said Abby Witt, Executive Director of the Democratic Party of Illinois. “Illinois Republicans want to overturn Roe, rip needed health care from hundreds of thousands of people, deny the science on COVID-19, and take us backwards.”

Trussell, who called Donald Trump “the greatest president of our time,” wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act and rip health coverage from more than 600,000 Illinoisans. She has espoused extremely harmful anti-choice views and compared Planned Parenthood to the KKK. She’s repeated a number of dangerous, reckless conspiracies about COVID-19 and has shown she is unfit to serve. Trussell’s far-right, extreme views do not belong anywhere near the governor’s office.

Today’s pick sends a clear message that the Republican primary for governor is going to be a messy race to the bottom.

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