ICYMI: Bailey Likens Chicago to “Unruly Child,” Wants To Kick the City Out of the State — Like He Did With His Own Kids




Yael Sheinfeld
[email protected]

In case you missed recent coverage of his latest denigration of Chicago, Darren Bailey referred to the state’s largest city as an “unruly child” in the Illinois “family” — and Bailey, who has repeatedly called Chicago a “hellhole” and sponsored legislation to remove it from the rest of the state, is no stranger to “unruly children.”

In a 2021 video, Bailey recounted kicking his own children out of his house when they “rebelled,” saying: “Our oldest son rebelled, I kicked him out of the house. … Two years later, our daughter, our number third child, she rebelled to the extent that I felt that I needed to kick her out of the house.”

Every day, it becomes more clear that Bailey is incapable of serving as a governor for all of Illinois. From posting insensitive and inappropriate sentiments about members of the LGBTQ+ and Muslim communities, to encouraging mass shooting victims to “move on and celebrate” 90 minutes after a massacre, to comparing abortion to the Holocaust, it’s apparent that Darren Bailey has no interest in bringing Illinosians together.

When Darren Bailey identifies a problem, his solution is to simply throw it out. Comparing the city of Chicago to an unruly child makes perfect sense in Bailey’s mind because at the end of the day, he knows he’s kicking both to the curb.


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