Illinois Democrats, Abortion Rights Advocates Speak Out Ahead of One-Year Anniversary of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Decision

One year after Republicans on the Supreme Court rolled back rights for millions of women, pro-choice advocates are highlighting the crucial work being done to protect access to abortion in Illinois




Allison Janowski
[email protected]

Chicago, IL – Tomorrow, June 24, 2023, will mark one year since the US Supreme Court stripped away abortion rights from millions of women across the country. In the year since, several states have enacted restrictive bans, leaving states with pro-choice majorities and leadership as islands for reproductive freedom.

Illinois Democrats and abortion rights advocates are speaking out on the state of reproductive freedom ahead of the one year anniversary of the Dobbs decision:

“In the year since the Supreme Court cruelly ignored decades of precedent protecting the right to choose, Republicans across the nation have ushered in an era of fear and uncertainty that endangers and disempowers millions of women. Fortunately, thanks to the hard work of pro-choice advocates and legislators, Illinois remains a champion and safe haven for reproductive rights, leading the nation in protecting access to reproductive health care. We’ll continue to fight hard to make sure that we elect Democratic lawmakers at every level that will defend the right to choose for our residents and our neighbors,” said DPI Chair Lisa Hernandez.

“We are proud that Illinois elected forward-thinking leaders at all levels of government who are committed to protecting reproductive rights and gender affirming health care in Illinois. The work of these elected officials over the past few years made Illinois a haven for patients forced to travel from their home states for essential health care. We will continue to work to elect champions who safeguard and expand upon this important work,” said Jennifer Welch, Chair of Planned Parenthood Illinois Action PAC.

“With reproductive freedom under attack around the nation, Personal PAC is wholly committed to making sure that Illinois is a state where abortion remains safe, legal and accessible for all. We are just one election away from it all going away, but the movement to protect reproductive rights isn’t backing down,” said Personal PAC CEO Sarah Garza Resnick. 

“The one year anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade serves as a stark reminder of the relentless attacks on women’s reproductive rights. Illinois has long been a stronghold of pro-choice values, a place where women can find solace and security in making their own healthcare decisions. As we commemorate this anniversary, we recommit ourselves to the fight for reproductive justice, standing strong in our resolve to protect the autonomy and dignity of every woman in our state,” said Senator Celina Villanueva.

“The overturning of Roe v. Wade was a devastating blow to the progress we have made in safeguarding women’s reproductive rights. As a pro-choice and safe haven state, Illinois remains resolute in protecting the autonomy and dignity of women. And we will ensure that access to reproductive healthcare remains accessible, safe, and free from unnecessary government interference in our state. We stand united against any attempts to undermine the fundamental rights and freedoms that every woman deserves,” said Senator Linda Holmes.


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