Illinois Democrats Pay Down Debts While Republicans Remain United in Opposition to Fiscal Responsibility 

Statehouse Republicans Join Congressional Republicans In Voting No to Supporting Working Families, Paying Bills Responsibly




Today, the Illinois Senate joined the Illinois House of Representatives in passing SB 2803 to pay off over $4 billion in debts, support working families, and help get our state’s finances back on track. Statehouse Democrats passed the legislation without a single Republican vote, which will help pay down Illinois’ unemployment insurance trust fund debt by using funding provided by the American Rescue Plan…which Congressional Democrats also passed without a single Republican vote last year.  

“First, Congressional Republicans voted against the American Rescue Plan to deliver relief to small businesses, working families, and state and local governments. Now, statehouse Republicans—including 2022 statewide candidates Darren Bailey, Tom Demmer, and Avery Bourne—have voted against using those dollars to pay down our state’s debts in a fiscally responsible way,” said Jake Lewis, Deputy Director of the Democratic Party of Illinois. “Bruce Rauner’s fiscal mismanagement racked up billions in unpaid bills and nearly plunged our state into junk status. Thankfully, Democrats are working to put Illinois’ finances back on track and move our state forward—no thanks to a single Illinois Republican.” 


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