Illinoisans Reject the DeSantis Blueprint

Ron DeSantis will bring his dangerous agenda to Peoria this week–an agenda that Illinoisans have repeatedly rejected




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Chicago, IL – On Friday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will bring his regressive agenda to Illinois as a keynote speaker during the joint Peoria and Tazewell County Republicans’ 2023 Lincoln Day Dinner. 

Illinoisans have rejected extremists like DeSantis repeatedly. In November, Democrats successfully won every statewide seat on the ballot, and won a record-breaking number of seats in the General Assembly. In school and library board races last month, over 73% of extremists that DPI communicated against lost their elections

While DeSantis tries to distance himself from “MAGA” Republicans, make no mistake, his agenda follows the same brand of extremism that Illinois voters rejected from Donald Trump in 2020, Darren Bailey in 2022, and school and library board candidates across the state in April. 

Ron DeSantis has signed excessively cruel policies that are an affront to Floridians’ freedoms, and his dangerous vision has no place in Illinois.

The DeSantis Blueprint:

“At every turn, Ron DeSantis has chosen to follow a path of hate and exclusion that contradicts everything we value in Illinois. While DeSantis travels the country spreading his dangerous platform to roll back women’s, LGBTQ+, and civil rights, he is failing Floridians and neglecting his responsibilities. DeSantis’ ideology stands in opposition to the priorities that Illinois voters have supported time and time again, and I think Ron DeSantis will find that his hateful agenda has no place in Illinois,” said DPI Chair Lisa Hernandez.


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