Irvin Flunks First Test, Fails to Answer Basic Questions




Irvin Flunks First Test, Fails to Answer Basic Questions

After weeks in hiding, Richard Irvin’s first round of media interviews made it crystal clear why Ken Griffin and the Rauner Reboot team have kept him under wraps for so long. Irvin flunked the first campaign test, spending most of the interviews dodging when asked about simple topics and giving longwinded, evasive answers to the most basic questions.

Irvin bungled his responses to straightforward questions on everything from if he voted for Donald Trump to whether Black Lives Matter. Irvin even went as far as to try and end an interview when asked about reproductive rights, abruptly telling a reporter, “I think we’re done here,” when pressed for specifics. Unfortunately for Irvin, the voters of Illinois are not done seeking straight answers to basic questions.

Check out the highlights below:

  • Crain’s Chicago: “But asked if he voted for Trump in 2020, Irvin wouldn’t say…The mayor also ducked when asked about the influence Trump should have over his party.”
  • FOX 32: “The campaign of course is not done, it is just getting going. Which gives Mayor Irvin time to refine his answers. Whether it is abortion, taxing, spending or other tough questions”
  • Chicago Tribune: “Irvin, backed by many in the state’s GOP establishment despite questions about his Republican credentials, did not directly answer if he believed Donald Trump’s false contention that the 2020 presidential election was stolen or if he voted for Trump…Allegiance to Trump is key for many Republican voters, particularly in downstate, rural areas.”
  • ABC7: “But with the shadow of Donald Trump still hanging over the Republican Party, Irvin dodged repeated questions about whether he voted for Trump in either of the past two elections.”
  • WGN News: “WGN asked Irvin if he felt a need to call out police brutality and racially motivated violence against Black people? ‘Listen, if you’re going to ask me the question, do Black Lives Matter? My question to you is, don’t they all do? Of course, they do. But the reality is Black lives have to be included in all lives. All lives do matter.’

This media debacle comes after Irvin has already been called out for his flip-flop on Black Lives Matter and his lie about having the authority to call in the National Guard.

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