Ken Griffin’s Rauner Reboot Adds Another Act: Tom Demmer




Ken Griffin’s Rauner Reboot Adds Another Act: Tom Demmer

Tom Demmer’s Extremist Record Is No Matter to Republican Kingmaker 

Democratic Party of Illinois Deputy Director Jake Lewis released the following statement regarding the news that State Rep. Tom Demmer is running for Illinois State Treasurer:

“Today, another Republican pawn joined billionaire Ken Griffin’s ongoing fantasy to bring back the Bruce Rauner days: Tom Demmer. Demmer’s radical views make him unfit to serve in statewide office. He has voted against increasing the minimum wage, against increasing education funding, against ending the Rauner budget impasse, against the Equal Rights Amendment, and against holding life insurance companies accountable.

“But Demmer’s extremist record doesn’t seem to bother Ken Griffin, apparently the only Republican whose opinion matters in 2022. Griffin has set out to rig the entire Republican primary for his Rauner Reboot slate and he appears to have found willing puppets in Demmer, Secretary of State candidate John Milhiser, and rumored gubernatorial candidate Richard Irvin. Unfortunately for Griffin and his pawns, Illinois voters remember that the original Rauner experiment ended in disaster, and they have no interest in the sequel.”

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