Newly Uncovered Video Puts Darren Bailey’s Extremism on Full Display  




Kiera S. Ellis
[email protected]

Democratic Party of Illinois (DPI) Chair Elizabeth “Lisa” Hernandez wants answers and accountability from the Illinois Republican Party after a newly uncovered video shows Darren Bailey making the egregious statement that “the attempted extermination of the Jews of World War II doesn’t even compare on a shadow of the life that has been lost with abortion.”

“The Democratic Party of Illinois is one of inclusion that will always speak out against intolerance,” said DPI Chair Hernandez. “Illinoisans deserve to know if Republicans will stand by and allow offensive, hurtful and antisemitic statements made by their nominee for governor to go without admonishment or condemnation. Now that we’ve seen Darren Bailey’s antisemitic values and disregard for Jewish life, does the ILGOP agree?”

His appalling comment is further proof that he lacks the empathy and temperament necessary to govern this state. To even suggest that allowing women to make their own health care decisions compares to the systemic mass extermination of Jews during the Holocaust is horrifying, heartless, and antisemitic.

Extremist language and out-of-line remarks are becoming typical for Bailey. After telling supporters to “move on” and “celebrate” in the wake of the violent attack on Highland Park’s predominantly Jewish community, Bailey refused to stand by his own apology. He has aligned himself with fringe sects of the Illinois GOP time after time, and this recently uncovered video demonstrates this is exactly who Darren Bailey has always been.

Bailey’s views on abortion are dangerously out of line with those of Illinois voters. He has taken the extreme position that abortions should not be allowed even in cases of rape or incest and celebrated the misguided decision by the Supreme Court to overturn 50 years of precedent and turn the fate of women over to radical Republican legislatures.

Invoking a violent genocide to push dangerous and radical anti-choice positions is an insult to the memories of those lost in the Holocaust and to their families. Darren Bailey has proudly touted his extreme views for months, and this latest video shows just how out of touch with reality he really is.

Will the ILGOP condemn these disgusting remarks? Or will they allow their nominee to continue to spew offensive rhetoric?

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