Rauner Reboot Reaches Critical Milestone: Two Weeks of Hiding, Zero Answers




Rauner Reboot Reaches Critical Milestone: Two Weeks of Hiding, Zero Answers

Two weeks after launching his campaign for governor, Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin has still not given an interview, responded to repeated requests for comment, talked to a single voter, or held a public event. Irvin joins the rest of the Rauner Reboot slate in silence, including John Milhiser (28 days silent), Shannon Teresi (20 days silent), and Steve Kim (19 days silent).

The reboot slate knows the old, tired policies of the Rauner administration are not what voters want in Illinois, so they’re attempting to hide until the questions stop coming. Even their fellow Republicans, like former Republican state chairman Pat Brady, have questions like did Irvin vote for Trump? Where does he stand on abortion? Or the Texas law greatly restricting abortion that’s now before the Supreme Court? It seems no one knows.

As he approaches his 15th day of silence, will the Irvin and the Rauner Reboot finally share where they stand on the issues that matter most to Illinoisans like:

  • Do Black Lives Matter?
  • Was Joe Biden the legitimate winner of the 2020 election?
  • Did you vote for Donald Trump?
  • Would you seek to implement restrictive bans on women’s health like we’re seeing in Texas and Mississippi?
  • What has Ken Griffin promised you?

Irvin has already been slammed for his false claims about calling in the national guard and was caught literally running from a reporter. It’s long past time for Irvin and the rest of the slate to stop hiding and start answering questions.

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