Reboot Richard Can’t Remember His Talking Points

Irvin's first press conference offered a painful glimpse into his flailing candidacy




Yesterday, Richard Irvin’s campaign proved that Ken Griffin’s millions can’t buy competent leadership. After continuously hiding from the public, Irvin’s first press conference in months confirmed he is entirely unprepared for prime time.

Read what outlets are saying about Richard Irvin’s “case study in deflection”:

  • Chicago Tribune: “…Aurora mayor used a news conference to filibuster and repeat talking points from his infrequent public appearances…Despite pleas and shouts from reporters, Irvin did not answer. His stonewalling was in keeping with a strategy aimed at avoiding.”
  • WBEZ: “…repeatedly dodged questions about his stance on a possible national abortion ban and whether he voted for former President Donald Trump or would support him for reelection in 2024. In a rare appearance before reporters, Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin obfuscated. Instead, the focus wound up being on Irvin’s non-answers.”
  • WTTW: “…Irvin…sidesteps[ed] questions on Roe and Trump…refused to answer repeated questions….Irvin has rarely taken questions from reporters and did not attend a candidate forum with Republican primary opponents since announcing his bid for governor.”
  • Chicago Sun-Times: “…turned the rare campaign event into a case study in deflection. It’s all part of a strategy to navigate Irvin, a moderate, through a sea of conservative voters in the GOP primary, so he can move on to a face-to-face general election battle.”
  • Crain’s Chicago: “In [a] contentious first news conference, GOP gubernatorial hopeful Richard Irvin… would not comment… Despite repeated testy exchanges with reporters in a news conference that was cut off after just 25 minutes, he refused to say whether he voted for Donald Trump in the last presidential election or would like Trump to return in the 2024 contest. Irvin flat-out ducked.”

It is past time for Richard Irvin to be honest about his true positions. Since February, voters have been asking if he voted for Donald Trump, if he wants to see Roe overturned, why he pulled Democratic primary ballots, if he supports the Black Lives Matter movement and more. Why won’t Richard Irvin answer the pressing questions on Illinoisans minds?


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