“The Time for Choosing is Now”




“The Time for Choosing is Now”

Yesterday, Illinois Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger tweeted the following in response to yet another Republican dodging when asked their view on the RNC’s “legitimate political discourse” portrayal of the Jan. 6 insurrection:

@AdamKinzinger: “Every Republican needs asked this question and only this question until they answer clearly. The time for choosing is now…”

Kinzinger’s tweet was in response to gubernatorial candidate Darren Bailey angrily storming out of a press conference when asked about the description. Bailey joined candidate Jesse Sullivan who also refused to take a stand on the topic when asked.

But many Republicans have simply avoided answering questions all together. To date, voters have no public response to the issue from the Illinois Republican Party. Ditto for gubernatorial candidate Richard Irvin or Attorney General candidate Steve Kim. Nor have we heard from Kinzinger’s Republican colleagues in Congress including Darin LaHood, Rodney Davis, Mike Bost, or Mary Miller. And what about the Republican congressional candidates who seek to work in the very building that was attacked?

It is crystal clear that many Illinois Republicans would love nothing more than for the press to simply move on from this story and stop asking them questions about where they stand on “legitimate political discourse” and the insurrection. As Kinzinger said, every Republican must be asked “this question until they answer clearly. The time for choosing is now.”

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