Tom Demmer Flip-Flops After Endorsing Far-Right Extremist Darren Bailey




Yael Sheinfeld
[email protected]

After endorsing far-right extremist Darren Bailey, Tom Demmer, GOP candidate for State Treasurer, is now flip-flopping on his support — trying desperately to rewrite history to score cheap political points.

Demmer endorsed Bailey earlier in the race, saying he thinks Bailey would make a good governor. Even after Bailey’s horrific comparison of abortion to the Holocaust, Demmer stood by his support of the far-right extremist, saying: “We have this choice between reelecting Pritzker, or making a change going in a new direction. I think we need to go [in] a new direction.”

That “new direction? Darren Bailey, who besides his Holocaust/abortion comparison is best known for his opposition to abortion without exception, his comments encouraging Illinoisans to “move on” from the Highland Park mass shooting, and his record of campaigning with insurrectionists

Now, Tom Demmer’s trying desperately to walk back his endorsement of the far-right extremist — and hoping voters don’t notice. In an interview with Crain’s, Demmer dodged: “Demmer would prefer not to talk about Bailey. There’s been no endorsement either way, although in a news conference earlier this year, Demmer said he believed Bailey would make a good governor.”

Does Tom Demmer want to take Illinois in a “new direction” with Darren Bailey or not? Voters know the truth — and they’ll remember it at the ballot box in November.


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