Voters Know Mark Curran and Mike Burke Are Wrong for Illinois




Yael Sheinfeld
[email protected]

With just one week to go, voters know Mark Curran and Mike Burke are wrong on abortion, wrong on democracy, wrong on January 6th — and wrong for IllinoisHere’s the truth about the GOP State Supreme Court candidates:

With zero experience as a judge, Mark Curran is a far-right extremist who is totally unqualified to serve on the State Supreme Court. In addition to his ultra-MAGA views on abortion, election fraud, and January 6th, Curran has been rated “not recommended” by the Illinois State Bar Association. More here on Curran’s extremist views.

Mike Burke is being propped up by anti-choice groups and far-right extremists with ties to the January 6th rally. Can we trust Mike Burke to be independent when that’s the company he keeps? More here on Burke’s problematic ties.

But in just one week, Illinoisans have the chance to elect two qualified women to the Court instead. The stakes couldn’t be higher — and the contrast between candidates couldn’t be clearer. Voters know Elizabeth Rochford and Mary Kay O’Brien are the only qualified candidates for our State Supreme Court.


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