Democratic Leaders Speak Out Ahead of Ron DeSantis’ Visit to Peoria




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Chicago, IL – Democrats from Peoria to Florida know just how dangerous Ron DeSantis’ “Florida blueprint” really is. Ahead of his visit to Illinois, Party leaders are speaking out against the spread of his extreme agenda:

“Ron DeSantis’ policies have no place in Illinois, and we won’t let him spread his ‘blueprint’ without accountability. From stripping reproductive rights to attacking members of the LGBTQ+ community and restricting civil rights across Florida, DeSantis has shown us that his vision for our nation contradicts everything that we stand for in Illinois,” said DPI Chair Lisa Hernandez. “Illinoisans have repeatedly rejected extremism, both in races up and down the ballot last November and just last month in school and library board races across the state. It’s clear that DeSantis’ hateful agenda is antithetical to our values and priorities in Illinois. While DeSantis callously enacts his dangerous platform in Florida, we’re lucky to have leaders here who respect the dignity of all Illinoisans, especially the most marginalized among us.”

“We here in Florida have seen firsthand the devastating effects of Ron DeSantis’s failed ‘Florida blueprint’. DeSantis spent Florida’s legislative session pushing through extreme legislation—including a more extreme abortion ban and a law that could make it easier for criminals to carry weapons—while ignoring the growing cost-of-living crisis that working Floridians are facing,” said Florida Democratic Party Chair Nikki Fried. “Ron DeSantis is shadow campaigning for president with an extreme MAGA agenda built on the backs of Floridians, and we will make sure that people in every state know how devastating DeSantis has been for Florida, and how devastating he would be in the White House.”

“The differences between Illinois and Florida under Ron DeSantis’ leadership could not be more clear. I am proud and grateful that our state’s leaders have never stopped working to uplift working families, defend women’s rights, and make Illinois a place where all are welcome and have opportunities to thrive,” said Illinois Senator Dave Koehler. “In Peoria, we believe in access to quality education, equitable economic opportunities, and the freedom to make our own decisions about how we live and who we love. While DeSantis seeks to divide us in pursuit of his own ambitions, I have no intention of ceasing our efforts to build a more inclusive, accepting, and supportive community for all.”

“Ron DeSantis is waging a self-serving culture war at the expense of Floridians, decimating access to health care, childcare, affordable housing, and educational resources. I hope that in visiting Peoria, DeSantis can learn that in Illinois we trust women, we say gay, and we will never allow extremists like him to intimidate us into turning back the clock on freedom and progress,” said Peoria County Democrats Chair Rick Fox. 

Illinois Democrats have a successful record of progress that continues to serve working families across the state. Illinoisans have made it abundantly clear: hate and extremism are not welcome in Illinois


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