Democratic Party of Illinois Statement on 51st Anniversary of Roe v. Wade Decision




Allison Janowski
[email protected]

Chicago, IL – Today, on the 51st anniversary of the Supreme Court issuing their landmark decision in Roe v. Wade Democratic Party of Illinois Chair Lisa Hernandez released the following statement:

“On this day fifty-one years ago, the Supreme Court issued a landmark ruling in Roe v. Wade that protected the right to choose for Illinoisans and women across the country. But today, millions of Americans are facing an onslaught of attacks on their fundamental freedoms – all because of Donald Trump. 

Roe v. Wade would still be in place if not for Trump’s presidency, and now, he’s running on a pledge to ban abortion nationwide. Illinois Democrats are leading the nation in protecting the right to choose, expanding access to abortion services and ensuring all Illinoisans have access to affordable, high quality reproductive health care. All of this progress is at stake in November, and we can’t let extreme national Republicans roll back our rights.

The only way to stop Trump’s ban is by reelecting President Biden and Vice President Harris, who are fighting to defend fundamental freedoms and codify the protections of Roe in federal law to restore reproductive rights for women in every state. The stakes in November could not be higher, and Illinoisans will remember that freedoms are on the line at the ballot box,” said Chair Lisa Hernandez.


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