ICYMI: Conservative Think Tank Illinois Policy Institute Ran a $2.5 Million Deficit in 2022




Allison Janowski
[email protected]

Chicago, IL – In case you missed it, the right-wing Illinois Policy Institute (IPI) spent 2.51 million more dollars than they brought in in 2022, an ironic shortfall for a group that claims to be experts on budgets.

With the loss of mega donors including Dick Uihlein, IPI has struggled to bring in revenue as they remain deeply out of touch with Illinois voters. Their deficit spending has failed to yield notable results: IPI cited increased “expenses on Amendment 1,” the Workers’ Rights Amendment, as a reason for their debt, but their spending was futile as Illinois voters supported the amendment despite their efforts.

Former IPI benefactor and one-term Republican governor Bruce Rauner held the state budget hostage for years. Governor Pritzker and Democrats in the General Assembly have successfully passed 5 balanced budgets since taking office, leading to nine credit rating upgrades and millions of dollars saved for Illinois taxpayers.

“The Illinois Policy Institute has spent years lecturing Democrats about fiscal responsibility, when they should have been more concerned with their own books. These so-called experts might want to ask the governor for tips on how to successfully balance a budget,” said DPI spokesperson Allison Janowski.


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