Democratic Party of Illinois Statement on the Draft SCOTUS Opinion to Overturn Abortion Rights

Democratic Party of Illinois Chair Rep. Robin Kelly released the following statement regarding the leaked draft opinion from the United States Supreme Court, appearing to overturn abortion rights:




“If these reports are true, this outrageous Supreme Court decision would strike a devastating blow against women’s fundamental right to choose what’s best for their own bodies. I am appalled and furious at the hateful dismissiveness of established precedent mixed with the gleeful excitement from Republicans as they prepare to roll back the clock on the rights of women in our country and continue their systemic fight to take away individual freedoms.

“Illinois Democrats have made significant progress in expanding women’s reproductive rights in our state, but clearly this fight is long from over. We will continue to do everything in our power to protect the right to choose from Illinois Republicans dead-set on following the extremist playbook from their colleagues in states like Missouri, Kentucky, and Texas. With seats on Illinois’ Supreme Court on the ballot this November, along with statewide office holders, federal representatives, and our state legislature, the difference between Democrats and Republicans, and our work ahead, could not be clearer.

“To those who feel under attack right now, know that you are not alone. Illinois Democrats at every level will never stop fighting to protect your rights, your healthcare, and your voice. Never.”


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