DPI and IDCCA Launch Joint Effort to Recruit and Train Democratic Down-Ballot Candidates in 2024

IL Democratic organizations are partnering to find and support strong candidates to run in local races across Illinois




Allison Janowski
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IDCCA: Dan Kovats
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Chicago, IL – Today, the Democratic Party of Illinois (DPI) and the Illinois Democratic County Chairs’ Association (IDCCA) announced a statewide candidate recruitment and training program to build a bench of Democrats to run for office in 2024. The program will recruit candidates, assist with ballot access and petition gathering, and provide robust training and ongoing support to candidates within the program. Contest Every Race, a nationwide coalition of organizations recruiting and supporting Democratic candidates running for local office, will work with DPI and IDCCA to build this pipeline of passionate candidates to stand up for democratic values.

“Earlier this year, we saw how important it was to offer our support in local races as extreme Republicans turned their sights to school and library boards around the state. Our values are under siege at every level of government, and it’s crucial that Illinois Democrats work together to defend our communities from retrograde politicians up and down the ballot. I’m grateful to IDCCA for their partnership, and I look forward to seeing Democrats run and win these races next year with our help. We can’t win if we don’t run, and I’m proud that DPI will be working to shape the next generation of Democratic leaders to ensure that Illinois remains blue,” said DPI Chair Lisa Hernandez. 

“The IDCCA and County Chairs have a history of recruiting and electing Democrats at every level of government. For the past six years, we have successfully expanded our recruiting efforts using more modern methods to reach potential candidates and volunteers. We are especially excited this cycle to have the powerful partnership of the Democratic Party of Illinois. Working together across the state, we are safeguarding our future, ensuring Democratic values are represented and government works for everyone,” said IDCCA President Kristina Zahorik.

Driven by input from County Democratic Party Chairs and local party stakeholders, the program will focus on finding strong Democratic candidates to fill identified vacancies in county and other local level offices. Beginning in September, candidates and campaign staff in the program will have access to trainings and resources from DPI and IDCCA, along with partner organizations to ensure they are prepared to run successful campaigns in 2024.


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