Griffin’s Silent Slate Ready to ‘Take It Back’ to The Rauner Years




Griffin’s Silent Slate Ready to ‘Take It Back’ to The Rauner Years

Today, billionaire Ken Griffin’s slate of Republicans announced their coordinated effort to take Illinois back to the Rauner years. And while the slate isn’t shy about their desire to drag our state backwards, they are being shy about making any actual appearances in public.

As opposed to making themselves available to voters and the media, this silent slate has hidden from the public for weeks. Not a single candidate has done an interview or public event since announcing and have instead chosen to hide behind consultant-crafted videos and meaningless social posts.

It is patently unacceptable that those seeking to lead our state would hide from reporters because they don’t want to answer basic questions like: Did you vote for Donald Trump? Do you want to overturn Roe v Wade? What promises has Ken Griffin made you?

Instead of proposing real policy solutions that help working families, these candidates are more of the same. Empty words, incendiary rhetoric, and no clue how to make Springfield work for working families.

The public deserves to know who is really pulling the strings of the Rauner Reboot. Each day the Griffin Slate continues to avoid scrutiny, we can only assume they have something to hide.

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