Statewide GOP Candidates’ Silence on Trump, Biden Speaks Volumes




Statewide GOP Candidates’ Silence on Trump, Biden Speaks Volumes

Today, on the one-year anniversary of President Biden’s inauguration, every Illinois Republican statewide candidate is choosing to remain silent about where they stand on the Big Lie that continues to undermine our democracy. Illinois voters deserve to know if these candidates want to take the Big Lie to Springfield or if they accept the results of free and fair elections.

All of the statewide Republican candidates, including Richard Irvin, Darren Bailey, Jesse Sullivan, Paul Schimpf, Gary Rabine, Avery Bourne, Stephanie Trussell, Carolyn Schofield, Aaron Del Mar, John Milhiser, Dan Brady, Tom Demmer, Shannon Teresi, and Steve Kim, must go on the record and answer basic questions about the 2020 presidential election. It should not be difficult for these candidates to tell voters who they voted for in the 2020 presidential election, if they accept Joe Biden as the legitimate winner, and if they will accept the electoral results in 2022.

Their continued silence speaks volumes about their priorities and willingness to undermine the democratic process. It is clear that with the modern Republican Party, our democracy takes a backseat to their political agenda.

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