It’s a Simple Yes or No: Did Richard Irvin Vote for Joe Biden?

Irvin ramps up attacks on rivals' voting history, yet continues to hide his own




Rauner Reboot candidate Richard Irvin’s latest ad takes aim at far-right pro-Trump candidate Darren Bailey, boldly alleging that “true conservatives don’t vote for Biden [but] Darren Bailey did.” Such a claim from a candidate who refuses to come clean on his own voting record begs the $20 million question: Who did Richard Irvin vote for — Joe Biden or Donald Trump

Irvin has spent the last three months ducking and dodging straightforward questions from the public and the press while inundating the airwaves with consultant-crafted conservative virtue signaling. As much as Irvin would like to sweep the truth under the rug, records show he cast Democratic primary ballots in 2014, 2016, and 2020. And it’s past time Irvin is held accountable for his blatant lies of omission.

Why won’t Irvin say who he voted for? What is he hiding? Perhaps his admiration of President Biden and Vice President Harris for their “historic election and empowering inauguration” or his inspiration from President Biden’s infrastructure plan that Irvin believed would take Aurora “to the next level.”

There’s a reason political observers are calling Irvin’s campaign “a well funded exercise in pure projection.” It’s clear that Irvin is comfortable taking on his competition’s background, so why is he so uncomfortable talking about his own? Voters deserve answers. If a true conservative loudly and proudly votes for Donald Trump, then what is Richard Irvin? 


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