Griffin Looks to Add Illinois State Supreme Court to His Pack of Political Puppets




Over the weekend, news broke that Ken Griffin, who believes the super-wealthy have “insufficient influence” in politics, donated more than $6 million to a dark money organization promoting right-wing candidates for Illinois’ state supreme court. This comes after Griffin spent $20 million to buy Richard Irvin and the Rauner Reboot slate, just part of the $40 million he has already poured to right-wing organizations and dark money groups during the 2022 election cycle.

“Not content with trying to control the governor’s office, Ken Griffin is now shelling out millions to try add Illinois’ state supreme court to his pack of political puppets,” said Abby Witt, Executive Director of the Democratic Party of Illinois. “It seems like Griffin is using his immense fortune, built off of investments in right-wing mediaweapons manufacturers, and Chinese surveillance companies, to try and control our entire state government. While GOP in Illinois may now stand for Griffin’s Own Party, Ken Griffin will learn the hard way that the voters of this state, just like the governor’s office and the state supreme court, are not pawns in his latest political game.”


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