Taxes Are Due Today – And Republicans Want to Raise Yours

Republicans have a plan that could raise taxes on 33% of Illinoisans




Today is Tax Day, and Republicans want to talk about anything but the fact that the GOP has backed a plan that could raise taxes on 33% of Illinoisans – including many child care workers, teachers, first responders, and other working people across Illinois. But Illinois Democrats won’t let voters forget that while statehouse Democrats just passed $1.8 billion in tax cuts, Republicans want to raise taxes on working Illinoisans.

“Today is the last day for Illinoisans to file their taxes – and they deserve to know that if Republicans get their way, 33% of Illinoisans could see their taxes go up,” said Democratic Party of Illinois Deputy Director Jake Lewis. “The contrast is clear: While President Biden, Gov. Pritzker, and Illinois Democrats have cut taxes and costs for working families, Republicans are running on an agenda that would force you to pay more.”


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