Lauf Tries to Run From Her Own Ultra-MAGA Abortion Views — But She Can’t Hide




Catalina Lauf, the far-right extremist challenging U.S. Rep Bill Foster in IL-11, is taking a page out of the mainstream GOP book by scrubbing her campaign website of her ultra-MAGA extremist anti-choice views. She can try to run from her own radical record to score cheap political points — but she can’t hide.

Here’s what Lauf really believes, for the record: she ran in the primary as a “pro-life conservative” and once proclaimed on her website, “I will continue as a vocal opponent of the Left’s radical position in support of late-term abortion, partial-birth abortion, and infanticide.”

Lauf’s ultra-MAGA anti-choice views aren’t new. In her first run for Congress in 2020, Lauf left no room for questioning where she stands on the issue, saying she was opposed to “any legislation that would be proposed on a federal level for funding contraception or abortion measures.”

The contrast between the two candidates couldn’t be clearer. Rep. Foster is a staunch supporter of reproductive freedoms and believes women everywhere deserve access to critical reproductive care. In Washington, he’s supported multiple pieces of legislation to make abortion legal across the country and protect women who travel across state lines for reproductive care — like those traveling to Illinois from neighboring states with extremist restrictions.

While reproductive freedoms hang in the balance, voters know the truth: Catalina Lauf is a radical, extremist anti-choice voice who would stop at nothing to strip women of their reproductive rights. No amount of website scrubbing can change that fact.

Yael Sheinfeld
[email protected]


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