GOP Megadonor Ken Griffin Props Up Desperate Attacks by IL Supreme Court Candidates Burke and Curran




Yael Sheinfeld
[email protected]

After bankrolling Richard Irvin’s failed campaign for Illinois governor, GOP megadonor Ken Griffin packed his bags and headed to Florida. Now, he’s back (in spirit), propping up desperate attacks by Illinois Supreme Court candidates Michael Burke and Mark Curran through the super PAC Citizens for Judicial Fairness.

Earlier this week, the group tried to boost Burke with an ad filled with false claims about Mary Kay O’Brien — just another desperate attempt to distract from Burke’s reliance on billionaire Ken Griffin because Burke can’t fundraise for his own campaign.

But here’s the truth about Judge O’Brien: over the past nearly two decades as an Appellate Court Judge, O’Brien has heard over 4,500 cases. During her time in the state legislature, Justice O’Brien served as the chairperson of the House Judiciary Committee and championed legislation that strengthened protections for victims of violent crime and defended a woman’s right to choose.

With just weeks left in the race for these two ten-year State Supreme Court seats, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Mike Burke — who along with Ken Griffin is being propped up by anti-choice groups and far-right extremists with ties to the January 6th insurrection — clearly needs all the help he can get.

Voters know the truth: in the race for the 3rd District Illinois Supreme Court, Mary Kay O’Brien is the only candidate who will protect critical reproductive rights, support workers’ rights, and defend our democracy. They’ll remember that at the ballot box.


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