Will the ILGOP Stand With Darren Bailey in November?




Yael Sheinfeld
[email protected]

GOP gubernatorial nominee Darren Bailey failed to put forward a single substantive solution on tonight’s debate stage, instead returning to his usual empty promises and inflammatory rhetoric — proving just how unfit he is to serve in Illinois’ highest office.

After tonight’s performance, will Illinois Republicans support Darren Bailey in November?

Bailey has earned a national reputation with his far-right, extremist rhetoric and wildly offensive, out-of-touch views. From posting insensitive and inappropriate sentiments about members of the LGBTQ+ and Muslim communities to encouraging mass shooting victims to “move on and celebrate” 90 minutes after a massacre to comparing abortion to the Holocaust, there’s no doubt Darren Bailey has no interest in serving as a governor for all of Illinois.

With just three weeks to go until the election, voters deserve to know exactly where Illinois Republicans stand on Bailey’s far-right, extremist views and dangerous rhetoric. Will the ILGOP stand with Darren Bailey in November?


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