Rauner, Griffin Announce Their First Pawn: John Milhiser




Rauner, Griffin Announce Their First Pawn: John Milhiser

Secretary of State Candidate Milhiser brought to you by the people who nearly destroyed our state

Democratic Party of Illinois Executive Director Abby Witt released the following statement regarding the announcement that Republican John Milhiser will run for Secretary of State:

“John Milhiser is the first pawn in the latest political game from Bruce Rauner and Ken Griffin. Rauner and Griffin are most famous for waging a disastrous four-year war on good government in Illinois, decimating our social safety net and nearly plunging our state into junk status. Rauner and Griffin are now back, choosing their own slate of handpicked puppets instead of letting voters to have their say.

“Of course, Rauner and Griffin’s first failed adventure in state government ended when they were overwhelmingly rejected by voters, but we know that won’t stop them from picking a slate of candidates to do their bidding — like Milhiser and their rumored gubernatorial candidate Richard Irvin. Unfortunately for Milhiser, Irvin, and any others, Illinois voters are smart enough recognize a Rauner-Griffin reboot when they see it.”

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