Trump Takeover Complete at ILGOP




Democratic Party of Illinois Chair Rep. Robin Kelly issued the following statement regarding tonight’s primary election results:

“The Trump takeover is complete at the Illinois Republican Party, and the contrast between Illinois Democrats and Illinois Republicans has never been more clear. 

“Democrats in Illinois are focused on delivering real results for Illinois families by defending reproductive healthcare, combating gun violence, growing good-paying jobs, protecting the environment, promoting workers’ rights, and lowering costs across the board. Meanwhile, Illinois Republican standardbearers Darren Bailey, Mary Miller, and Thomas DeVore have fallen over themselves for Donald Trump’s endorsement while promoting the Big Lie, downplaying the violent Jan. 6 insurrection, praising the Supreme Court’s shocking decision to rip away reproductive rights, and more.

“The Illinois Republican Party has moved further to the right than than ever before, abandoning moderate voters while fully embracing conspiracy theories, extremist policies, and fringe positions. Unfortunately for the ILGOP, Illinoisans have overwhelmingly rejected Trump twice now, and there is no question that Trump, his followers, and the MAGA agenda are simply unacceptable to the vast majority of Illinois voters.

“The choice for voters this November is crystal clear: Democrats are fighting for all families while Republicans are only interested in the attention of one man. With our strong slate of nominees, we are confident voters will continue to move Illinois forward under Democratic leadership.”


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