Democratic Party of Illinois Condemns Trump’s Visit to Illinois, Hateful MAGA Agenda




Democratic Party of Illinois Chair Rep. Robin Kelly released the following statement regarding Donald Trump’s visit to Quincy, Ill. later tonight.

“This week, the world is getting a stark reminder of just how much damage Donald Trump has inflicted on our nation — and that Illinois Republicans are welcoming him this weekend says all you need to know about where the ILGOP stands. 

“On Tuesday and Thursday, we learned even more about Trump’s illegal and immoral quest to retain presidential power by any means necessary, a thankfully failed effort that pushed our democracy to the brink through a violent insurrection on Jan. 6, 2021.

“Then, yesterday, three Trump-appointed justices clinched the vote to destroy 50 years of established law and rip away the constitutional right to reproductive health care from millions of women by overturning Roe v. Wade. This far-right decision seems to be just the beginning of this court’s destructive legacy, a stain on the history of our nation courtesy of Trump and his MAGA Republican enablers.

“But we in Illinois will never be deterred. Illinois Democrats are fighting to make progress for the people of our state every day by defending abortion rights, lowering costs, expanding ballot access, addressing gun violence, protecting the environment, and growing good-paying jobs. Our fight continues as ultra-MAGA Republicans like Mary Miller, Darren Bailey, and Thomas DeVore do their best Trump impressions while obstructing any effort to solve the collective challenges we all face.

“Tonight, the MAGA circus comes to town, with Donald Trump starring as ringleader. But when the lights go out, he will pack up and scuttle back to Mar-a-Lago — and Democrats will continue doing the work of the people.”


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