Will the Illinois GOP Hold Far-Right Gubernatorial Candidate Accountable?

Darren Bailey unleashed yet another hideous assault on women and the LGBTQ+ community




Republican candidate for governor Darren Bailey has once again shown his true colors as a dangerous, far-right extremist. In a new interview, Bailey refers to “transgenderism and wokism” as “moral rot that is destroying society,” says God “intended the family unit to be headed by the dad,” and brazenly attacks women, LGBTQ+ Illinoisans, and more.

Illinois Republicans have increasingly embraced far-right incendiary rhetoric—including refusing to condemn the QAnon conspiracy theory and agreeing that the violent January 6 attack on the Capitol was “legitimate political discourse.”

Now, as Republican legislatures across the country ramp up attacks on women’s rights and the LGBTQ+ community, Illinois Republicans must take a stand: will the Illinois GOP condemn Darren Bailey’s vitrolic remarks? 

While Gov. Pritzker and Illinois Democrats fight to protect and strengthen the rights of Illinoisans of all backgrounds, Republicans across the nation and our state continue to embrace these shameful attacks, moving the ILGOP even further toward the fringe. It is time for the Illinois Republican Party to hold the extremists in their own party accountable—including Darren Bailey


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