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Petition Scrubber

This document is for reviewing and verifying signatures on a petition to ensure compliance with electoral regulations and to eliminate any invalid or duplicate signatures.

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Campaign Rolodex

A campaign rolodex is a repository of your personal and political network. To start building your rolodex, you’re going to Rolodex yourself: put all of your information about your personal contacts into this template. Then, you’ll start to expand your rolodex starting from the personal relationships you already have.

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Pledge & Contribution Tracker

This spreadsheet can be used by campaigns or political organizations to track incoming pledges and contributions. It also includes useful tabs for tracking donor information as well as thank-yous and other follow-up activities. Campaigns and political organizations should track every single pledge and contribution they receive, starting on day one.

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Fundraising Plan Template

Campaigns cost money, and raising money requires time and planning. This template will help you examine the revenue streams your campaign can focus on, complete some research to help you set goals, and draft of your fundraising plan.

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