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Campaign Budget Template

This is a sample budget, with numbers for both realistic, ideal, and uh-oh budgets. Each budget is broken down by month and category. Use this as a reference example when budgeting a campaign. To learn more about budgeting, check out our course on Budgeting & Financial Compliance.

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Developing a Campaign Plan

A campaign plan maps out your campaign’s goals and how to achieve them. It organizes priorities, funding, and staff, and keeps everyone focused on getting your message out to voters.

Your campaign plan is a written agenda that coordinates the whole campaign, as well as the four sub-plans, or departments, within the campaign: communications, digital, fundraising, and field.

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Writing Your Campaign Plan

The Campaign Plan Template will help you work out strategies for messaging, organizing, communications, staffing, scheduling, and data and begin to understand how all of these elements fit together.

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The VANual

This is a condensed guide to using VoteBuilder, both as an admin and as a user. This manual covers “My Voters” and “My Campaign” features of the database.

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Media Training 101

This is a training deck for candidates and campaign surrogates to learn tips for speaking to the media. It includes guidance on messaging, tips for effective interviews, and how to navigate difficult questions.

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Fighting Disinformation

This is a training deck that includes an overview of how disinformation is spread, and what tools Democrats can use to combat it.

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How to Write a Press Release

This document provides additional details and examples for crafting an engaging press release. It explains how you can catch a readers attention and helpful information that will make your release more useful to reporters.

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