Kathy Salvi Has No Plans, Just Out-of-Touch Views

Salvi touts extreme views on abortion, gun safety reform, and more during tonight’s U.S. Senate candidate forum




Yael Sheinfeld
[email protected]

One thing was crystal clear during tonight’s candidate forum: Kathy Salvi has no plans — just extreme views that are out-of-touch with Illinoisans across the state. Tonight’s performance made clear the contrast between Salvi and Senator Tammy Duckworth — and proved just how unfit Salvi is to represent Illinoisans in Washington.

On abortion, Salvi tried desparately to duck her own extremist anti-choice views, dodging on specifics like whether or not she’d support Republicans’ proposed national abortion ban. Even though she tried to rewrite history tonight, here’s the truth: Salvi previously went on the record in favor of a total abortion ban with no exceptions for rape, incest, or the life of the mother. She’s even gone so far as to call these instances “hypotheticals.” There’s no doubt that Salvi would be an anti-choice, anti-woman voice in the Senate.

On the economy, Salvi was quick to point out issues but failed to offer any substantive solutions. She parroted mainstream GOP talking points and refused to cite any specific plans for fighting inflation and uplifting working families.

On gun safety reform, Salvi deflected and was unable to name a single solution to the gun violence crisis. With an A rating from the National Rifle Association, Salvi opposes banning assault weapons or approving any other new laws restricting firearm ownership, making clear that she’ll pick the gun lobby over Illinois families any day.

While Kathy Salvi replaced plans with extreme, out-of-touch views tonight, Senator Tammy Duckworth drew on her long record as a champion for women, working families, Veterans, and communities across Illinois. In the Senate, Duckworth will continue her work to protect Social Security, expand Medicare, restore reproductive rights, expand manufacturing, and keep lowering costs for Illinoisans everywhere.


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